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These products have become more popular with high moisture levels in the basements even when the air conditioner is running.  Too much moisture can make the air feel stuffy and warmer than the actual temperature.  Too much moisture also forces people to run their air conditioners at lower temperatures just to feel cooler in the home.  High moisture also causes the growth of mold, mildew, fungi and viruses to grow.  Dehumidifiers will work with the homes cooling system to save money on cooling costs and make the home comfortable.

Indoor Air Quality

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Products consist of media filters and air cleaning devises, UV germicidal lamps, fresh air ventilators, humidifiers, dehumidifiers and even variable speed fans.  All of these products can be solutions to specific air quality problems in our homes.

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Media Filters

These types of filters can be very inexpensive and can take care of a number of air quality problems in the home.   They can reduce the dirt and dust build up on your HVAC system while catching small particles and contaminants that can irritate eyes, lungs and sinuses.  These filters are disposable and will help to keep your furnace operating at peak efficiencies.  Most people replace these filters in the Spring and Fall depending on conditions in the home.

Residential or Commercial

We've got all your needs covered: from residential remodels, to commercial damage repairs and everything in between. Don't hesitate to ask us a question or inquire as to why a certain process has to take place. All of our staff are friendly and knowledgeable because we know what it's like to be in your shoes. We want you to know just how special you and your project are to us, so we do our very best to ensure that you and your needs always come first. We even have a complimentary estimate where we'll come out to you! 

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Heat Recovery Ventilator or HRV Units

These units have become a must have in the new home market.  Most homes are being built so tight that air exchange in the home has become nonexistent.  Indoor air becomes stagnant and contaminants have no way to escape.    A heat recovery ventilator will replace stale, contaminated air with fresh air with no heat energy loss.

Sioux Falls HVAC Germicidal Lamp

IUV Germicidal Lamps

These lamps can take care of mold and bacteria that can grow on the surface of your cooling coil.   UV lamps can also kill the mold spores and contaminants in the air before the air is delivered into the home.  People that have these devices installed in their HVAC systems have stated they are healthier in the long run.


This is one of the more common IAQ  products in our part of the country.  With long, cold winters and furnaces running nonstop our homes become dry.   This also causes our skin to dry out, throat to be sore, breathing problems and static shock.  A humidifier will work with the homes heating system to keep moisture levels balanced in every room of the house.

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Variable Speed Fans (on Furnaces)

With larger and multilevel homes all over the country, variable speed furnaces have become very popular.  Fans on these units can be left running 24-7 and will even out the temperatures in all areas of the home.  Of course return and supply air ducts must be installed on all levels of the home for this to work properly.  

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